Ask Me About My Butt?

Hey Y’all!  I’m Eddie.  I was raised outside of Columbus, GA in the foothills of the Appalachians.  A little over a decade ago I decided to move up north.  Why would a southern man give up his southern homestead?  For love of course. There is a lot  I have come to love about the north.  From the kind people and the great social scene, even the winter has grown on me.  There was just one thing missing, Southern BBQ.  I started with just making the family recipes, smoking Boston Butts with a rub/marinade that was passed down to me for generations.  Then came the BBQ pork ribs, BBQ chicken and of course, THE moist brisket.  The sides are Southern potato salad, unsweet coleslaw and the creamy mac and cheese, and it does not stop there! Brunswick stew is a new menu item, you just have to try.  After sharing the creations with family and friends, they convinced me to take my recipes and share them with the rest of y’all. That is when Southern Smoked BBQ was created.  Even though I am a CDL driver by trade, food is my passion.  After perfecting my skills, both meat and sides, I am ready to cater your event.  Whether you want just an Ala Carte’ feast or a full-blown event, we can meet your request.  Can’t wait to meet you and yours, now let’s eat!

Video of an Catering Event